Mar 18, 2017

Just like any other check-up, understanding the health of your vendors matters because you rely on them to support and execute important aspects of your business. Your event technology vendors are no exception, since the health of their company or platform does impact your entire event ecosystem.

The event technology space has been rife with layoffs, mergers and acquisitions and sun-setting of products that are currently in use by event organizers. These business decisions are not unusual, but do have an impact on your team’s strategy and goals.

So how can you protect… more

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Mar 15, 2017

Most marketers know that digital and event technology is a must-have for events and brand experiences. But did you know that it’s mission-critical for organizations looking to engage Millennials and Gen Z?

In fact, 53% would rather give up their sense of smell than give up their technology. With the digital stakes so seemingly high when it comes to… more

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Mar 11, 2017

Most event marketers or exhibitors understand the importance of engaging with their attendees. But what if you took the plural “attendees” and started using only the singular form “attendee”?

Imagine the impact your event would have if you were able to put your focus squarely on each individual person. One thing is certain: you would have a captivated, loyal audience and the opportunity for a serious competitive edge.

With the help of touchscreen and intuitive interface technology, like the solutions from MultiTaction®, it is getting much easier to give your attendees the… more

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Mar 10, 2017

The trade show is over. Now what?

Trade shows present the perfect opportunity to introduce your brand to new customers and re-engage with existing ones. Once the trade show is over, it’s important to maintain that great momentum by continuing to build on those relationships and building sales.

Here are three ideas you can use to increase sales after the trade show ends.

1. Track Leads and Stay Connected Via Email

Put all of the contacts you made exhibiting at a trade show to good use and stay in touch through the entire sales cycle. Marketing outreach via email… more

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Mar 02, 2017

In Globalization 1.0, which began around 1492, the world went from size large to size medium. In Globalization 2.0, the era that introduced us to multinational companies, it went from size medium to size small. And then around 2000 came Globalization 3.0, in which the world went from being small to tiny. Thomas Friedman, author and futurist

Many U.S. trade shows are having to cope with consolidation in the number of both exhibitors and attendees. Globalization is a reality and its effects can make or break a trade show depending on how organizers adapt to… more

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Feb 28, 2017

So, you’ve decided to be an exhibitor at a trade show to network with prospective buyers and discover new opportunities. This is the easy part. However, before you spend your time and money building out a booth, make sure you’re choosing the right trade show(s) for your business. Here are three quick steps to help you choose which events you need to be a part of.

Establish your goals

Are you looking to launch a new product, raise brand awareness or simply network with buyers in your industry? No matter what you wish to accomplish by being an exhibitor at a… more

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Feb 23, 2017

Sponsorship data has been a hot topic for years and continues to play an important role in the events and exhibitions industry. It’s clear that sponsorships are here to stay! Which is why it’s so important to learn how to utilize collected data so you can make informed business decisions. Most event professionals recognize the importance of data collection, but they also know and understand how overwhelming it can be if processes are not set in place.

Chances are you are collecting sponsor data every year at your shows, such as: Who’s coming? What are they sponsoring? How much… more

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Feb 21, 2017

Technology is infiltrating every aspect of our lives. From the moment we wake up to the moment we get ready for bed, most of us interact with some sort of technology. While I am in the business of face-to-face events, we can’t deny that the explosion in new technologies makes our lives easier while facilitating growth and connectivity in our businesses. Additionally, much of today’s innovation, even in the most traditional industries, is coming from adapting digital technologies to improve on existing products.

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of some of the most popular… more

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Feb 17, 2017

If you are like most exhibitors, you have screens, monitors and tablets in your booth … but you aren’t really sure how to best use this powerful digital tech to create more impact.

According to a 2015 white paper Tech for Trade Show Exhibitors from Skyline Exhibits and Access Intelligence, most exhibitors are still putting PowerPoint slides or their own websites on the screen.  

That’s probably because they don’t know how easy it is to create content that will go beyond websites and PowerPoint and generate more leads and sales.


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Feb 16, 2017

Digitalization is nothing yet to come. We are all living in the age of digitalization. We are already embedded, but it should not be considered as an end in itself. The question is: What’s in it for the customers or what’s in it for your own organization?

Digitalization: an important step of development in our industry

As one major economic trend, the influence of digitalization could change and/or create business models, of course also within the trade fair industry. That’s why I would like to address some highlights from the German perspective for… more

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