14th World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition

2015-10-26 - 2015-10-28
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The 14th World Wind Energy Conference will focus on wind power innovation for a 100% renewable energy supply, in harmony with the environment and society. In cooperation with the Israeli Wind Energy Association, WWEA invites the Wind Power Community from around the world to join us at the WWEC2015! Let us use the WWEC2015 to intensify the friendly and cooperative relationship between all renewable energy organizations worldwide, and work together for mitigation of climate change, solving our energy problems, protecting the environment, and creating a better world. Don't miss the opportunity to join peers and key opinion leaders in Jerusalem, Israel, 26-28 October, 2015. Get a head start, visit WWEC 2015 website.
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open to all
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Stefan Gsänger, Gadi Hareli, He Dexin, Chuichi Arakawa, Everaldo Feitosa, Siegfried Heier, Shi Pengfei

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