2014 Human Capital (HR) Analytics Summit

2014-02-04 - 2014-02-05
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Talent Management Alliance’s The Human Capital (HR) Analytics Summit will be discussing these 5 key questions. 1. What frameworks and approaches can advance us from HR metrics, creating dashboards, and describing past trends, to a strategic analytics capability? 2. How can we succeed in getting started in embedding HR analytics into HR programs and organizational design? 3. How can HR teams encompass analytics skills to be storytellers with data, adept at understanding, interpreting, and communicating insight? 4. Where and how can HR apply “predictive analytics” and utilize analytics tools and methods without deep math knowledge? 5. Our Businesses is too slowly evolving towards a fact based, insight driven mindset and culture: how can we accelerate this? How to “raise the bar” on the ability to execute human capital analytics tools and methods is unique for every organization and most organizations are still in the beginning stages of adoption. Our Human Capital Analytics Conference blends new thinking and knowledge about progress in HR analytics with case studies from recognized leaders and beginners with success stories.
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Chief Diversity Officers, SVP’s of Diversity & Inclusion, VP’s of Diversity & Inclusion, Directors, Managers and Team Leader of Diversity & Inclusion with responsibilities in: Talent Management Succession Planning Corporate Culture Human Capital Strategy Organizational Development Talent Acquisition Workforce Strategy

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