2014 Tulsa Oilfield Expo

2014-06-04 - 2014-06-05
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The 2014 Tulsa Oilfield Expo takes place June 4th-5th, 2014 at The Cox Business Center in Tulsa, OK and is designed to serve as Tulsa’s largest oil and Gas marketplace. Tulsa remains an industry hotspot for a broad range of oil and natural gas activity. From exploration and production to industry support services like manufacturing and construction, upstream to downstream, Tulsa’s energy industry is steady and strong. The 2014 Tulsa Oilfield Expo will serve the needs of this vibrant energy community by featuring the latest in oilfield technologies, the opportunity to network with thousands of oilfield professionals from all over the world, all in a professional environment conducive to business development and sales.
Attendee information
The Tulsa Oilfield Expo is open exclusively to members of the oil and gas industry. This policy is in place to ensure the maximum relevance of attendees for our show and to protect the investments of our exhibitors and sponsors. You must be currently employed in the oil and gas industry to attend. All prospective attendees will be required to present proof of current oil and gas employment before being granted admission (eg. business card, recent pay stub, current company ID). What constitutes the oil and gas industry? There are many industries which support the oil and gas industry but which are not part of it for the purposes of admission. Representatives of companies that support the oil and gas industry may be permitted to exhibit at the Tulsa Oilfield Expo, but will not be permitted to attend as attendees. Types of companies which indirectly support the oil and gas industry but which are not applicable to attend include, but are not limited to, the following: Hospitality providers (eg. Hotels) Staffing agencies Marketing/advertising firms Oil and gas memorabilia (eg. jewelry, knick-knacks, etc.) Providers of custom apparel and promotions Mancamp service providers (eg. internet providers) On-site caterers Limousine drivers Real estate agents/relocators Insurance providers Financial service providers Chambers of commerce City employees (unless invited by show management) Radio stations, TV stations, magazine publishers, etc. (Members of the press are welcome to attend to cover the event, but must apply for a press pass at registration) Webmasters of oil and gas-related marketing/news/classifieds/discussion sites. Students majoring in oil and gas-related programs but not currently employed in the industry Please pre-screen yourself carefully to ensure you are applicable to attend. If you are uncertain whether you will be admitted, please contact us. ADDITIONAL ADMISSION RULES All attendees must be at least 18 years of age. All attendees must satisfactorily demonstrate current employment in the oil and gas industry. "Trick-or-treating", "briefcasing", and other unprofessional, disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated at any time. Trick-or-treating is the practice of walking the show floor and filling your bags with free giveaways from booths, even from companies you don't have any interest in doing business with. Briefcasing is the practice of an attendee handing out flyers, brochures, or other marketing materials on the show floor. Exhibitors and sponsors pay for the opportunity to market their products and services at the Expo; attendees are not permitted to distribute marketing materials under any circumstances. Clean business casual clothing must be worn by all attendees; those not adhering to dress code will not be permitted entry. By registering to attend/purchasing a ticket/attending the expo, you agree to receive email updates from us, you agree to receive email updates from us, as well as allow us to share your contact information with exhibitors and sponsors. All decisions regarding admission are at management's sole and final discretion, and admission can be revoked at any time for any reason without recourse. http://www.tulsaoilfieldexpo.com/attendance-policy.php
Exhibitor information
The cost for general booth space at the Tulsa Oilfield Expo is listed below. Space must be purchased in 10' x 10' blocks. 10' x 10' booth - $15.00/square foot - $1,500 10' x 20' booth - $15.00/square foot - $3,000 10' x 30' booth - $15.00/square foot - $4,500 Call us at (866) 918-5550 for information regarding pricing above 10' x 30' space. The following is included with the purchase of each 10' x 10' booth space: 8' tall black drape 36" tall black side dividers one (1) 6' x 36" black skirted table two (2) side chairs one (1) wastebasket one (1) 7" x 44" identification http://www.tulsaoilfieldexpo.com/exhibitor-info.php

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