2015 Social Recruiting Summit

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Register with discount code MA200 for $200 off According to the 2015 Global Recruiting Trends Report, social networks are becoming the preferred channels for promoting talent brand with 61 percent using professional social networks, and 76 percent using their company website. Social networks continue to rank as a top source of quality talent. Why? The accessibility and connectedness of professionals online has made talent more findable than ever – and is leveling the playing field. However, it can also be intimidating. Technology is growing rapidly and so are the number of platforms available to recruiting professionals and job-seekers alike. Where do you start? To be successful recruitment must know where their preferred audience is active and how to reach them. It’s not only important to stay one-step-ahead of the competition, but to be comfortable enough with the technology to develop creative strategies to fill in the gaps, and find hidden online talent. At the 2015 Social Recruiting Summit you will hear sessions about: » The relationship between the recruiter’s personal branding and their recruiting efforts. » Determine which platform is right for your recruiting and branding needs. » How to measure the ROI of your social recruiting strategies. » Build your talent communities and develop winning content strategies. » Jump-start your usage of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. » Audit your current social recruiting efforts and use the building blocks of workforce planning to create social strategies. » Learn techniques to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. » How to utilize mobile technology for candidate attraction and hiring. For more info contact us: info@the-tma.org 888-339-9599 x501

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