20th Euro Congress on Psychiatrists and Psychologists

Achieving mental wellness by understanding human mind through Psychiatric approaches
2017-09-07 - 2017-09-08
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We welcome you to the official website of 20th Euro Congress on Psychiatrists and Psychologists, during August 07-08, 2017 at Rome, Italy. The theme of the conference is based on “Achieving mental wellness by understanding human mind through Psychiatric approaches”. The rising rates of suicide and depression are among the most obvious signs of the increase in mental illness cases globally. Every year more than 500 Psychiatry Conferences are conducted all over the world. Mental illness affects people of all ages having a significant impact on many young people. About 27% of the adult population had experienced at least one of a series of mental disorders which includes problems arising from psychosis, substance use, depression, eating disorders and anxiety. Psychiatry meetings provide an opportunity to deal with various mental health problems.

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