2nd Annual APAC Pipeline Integrity Management Summit 2014

2014-03-18 - 2014-03-19
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It is with pleasure that Fleming Gulf presents the 2nd Annual APAC Pipeline Integrity Management The integrity of pipelines has always been top priority as it reflects on the reputation of the operator as a reliable transporter of energy who can be depended upon by customers to deliver these products on time and in a cost- effective manner. This conference brings together distinguished personnel from national oil companies, engineering management ,asset integrity professionals, designers, service professionals, owners and operators of pipelines, corrosion specialist etc. This conference will provide opportunities to learn from each other- to share opinions on pipeline integrity management and methods to safeguard pipelines from hazards. The agenda is packed with in-depth real life case studies of ongoing and completed projects, keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions. This event will benefit delegates as they will have access to presentations focusing on inspection/maintenance challenges and solutions, success stories and new technologies

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