2015-10-01 - 2015-10-04
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Sales & Marketing Director
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Please contact Antexpo, Int'l Marketing and Sales Partner of the event, for more information. ANTEXPO Barbaros Mah. Ören Sok. Deluxia Palace No:5 Kat:2 D:68 Batı Ataşehir / İSTANBUL Tel: +90 216 541 03 90 Fax: +90 216 541 03 89 burcu@antexpo.net
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Sectoral Companies (Manufacturing, Distributors) Sectoral Companies (Dealers, Implementers) All Public Enterprises Ministry of Energy and Natural Resource Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Municipalities Electricity (Power) Administrations Energy Companies Energy Facilities Investors and Operators Energy Plants Investors and Operators Plants Construct Companies Electricity Distribution Companies Electricity Transmission Companies Electricity Cycling Companies Electricity Production Companies Electricity Production Equipment Companies Energy Consultants Electricity Contracting Companies Contractors, Contracting Companies Electricity Installation Engineers Electricity Engineers Engineers, Technicians, Operators Enginnering Services Companies Chamber of Engineers Chamber of Electricity Engineers Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Electricity Materials Companies Manufacturing Companies, Factories Sectoral Association Universities, Technical Schools
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Electric Power Distribution and Switch Materials Transducers (Power and Distribution Transformers) Cables and Equipment Cable Laying Systems, Cable Trays and Cable Accessories Panels and their accessories (A.G. panels, electric distribution panels) Switch & Plug, Case and Conduit box Correction of power factor – Components and Systems Incessant Power Source Contactors and Protection/Measuring Relay Power Switch and Remote Control Buttons Separators & Breakers Compensation Products Meters Connectors Interior Wiring, Switch and Plug, Clip, Junction Box & PVC Products Lighting Products Electric motors, Motor protection system, Motor starters Motor Control Centres Generators and their equipment Electric Generation and Distribution Systems Bus bar Distribution Systems Relay, Power Switch and Switch Materials Circuit Breakers, Safety Fuse and Automats Protection From Lightning and Grounding Systems Galvanic systems and related issues Control Panels, Switch Cabinets Electric Wiring Materials Power and Energy Meters Automation Systems Industrial Communication Products Sensors, Signal Lamps, Boxes and Interfaces

Partner Voices

Until recently, the opportunity to have a celebrity attend an event, attach themselves to a name-brand or endorse a certain product or idea was untouchable. The thought of paying a person to promote a product was seen as something only Fortune 500 companies could afford. Social media has changed all that with brands and businesses utilizing celebrity influencers to connect directly with their demographics and increase sales and profits.