4th International Conference on Oceanography (Oceanography-2016)

2016-07-18 - 2016-07-20
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Abstract Submission & Registration started. Special Benefit will be provided to attendees coming in a group. Special benefit to student participant. Registration is negotiable upon contact.
Oceanography-2014 conference will focus on a number of disciplines and areas of research, and will provide a forum for scientists, postgraduate & graduate students and representatives from the private sector to discuss recent research and developments in Oceanography & Marine Science Research in general. The new program will involve speaker & poster sessions, workshops, symposia, exhibitions, and round-table discussions. Sessions for the present conference will focus on- . Oceanography and Climate Change; . Chemical & Physical Processes in the Ocean; . Polar Research; . Marine Pollution & Ocean Management; . Coastal Hazards and Marine Environmental Protection; . Marine Biota & Ecosystem Function; . Ocean Resources; . Seafood and Sustainability; . Marine Biotechnology and Renewable Energy Technology; . Coastal Ocean and Shelf Science, Engineering and Offshore Technology; . Tools and Technology in Oceanography; . Marine Natural Products Chemistry and Pharmacology; . Ocean Acidification; . Extreme Oceanographic Events; . Population Genetics in Marine Systems; . Marine Biogeochemistry . Palaeoceanography and Palaeoclimatology; . Maritime Hazards
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About 200-250 Speakers
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The Conference provides sponsoring companies to present corporate workshops in parallel to the Conference program. During these times companies can present new scientific approaches and technical research methods. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase new and interesting technologies to attendees. Over the past years the workshops have proven to be popular. The corporate workshops will be presented as breakfast, lunch or dinner workshops with a maximum of three workshops per time period on the dates noted below. Please contact for registration fees.

Partner Voices

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