5th International Conference and Exhibition on Addiction Research & Therapy

Addiction Therapy 2016
2016-10-06 - 2016-10-08
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Addiction Therapy 2016
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Addiction Therapy 2016 focuses on the latest advancements in Addiction Rehabilitation and explains about various addiction sources making the audience to understand the alteration caused in human behavior and psychological activities by disorders like fetal alcoholic syndrome. It is a three day event provides a perfect platform for leading scientists, researchers, decision-makers and other players to gain the latest information on topics of current research like Addiction Genetics, Drug addiction and neuro toxicology and their significance in clinical research and health diagnostics. The main highlights of Addiction Therapy Conferences are New Insights of Addiction and Addictives, Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Neuro-genetics of Substance Related Disorders, Drug Addiction and Neuro-toxicology, Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation using Various Therapies. Addiction therapy meeting will also discuss about the natural physiotherapeutic methods including Yoga and Meditation: The Psychiatric Approach in Addiction Treatment, Addiction- from Animal Research to Society, Clinical Impact and more. Addiction researchers, expertise, professors, scientific community, therapists, treatment provider, counselors, delegates and students are the main participants for the conference. Business professionals (Directors, presidents, CEO) from addiction pharmacotherapy market will be the participation audience. The Conference will encourage new discoveries and research by providing a platform for reporting of unique and unusual cases which enhance understanding of disease process, its diagnosis, management and clinico-pathologic correlations. It will provide a podium for wide-ranging aspects of psychological, neurological, molecular, genetic and behavioral pathways underlying addiction, and will focus on novel therapies providing quality care for people with unhealthy alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use and addictive behaviors across a spectrum of clinical settings.

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