7th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance

Ensuring Safer Therapeutics in Healthcare System
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7th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance
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OMICS International organizing splendorous Pharmaceutical conferences welcomes you to attend the 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance to be held during September 19-21, 2016 in Vienna, Austria, focuses on the advancements in pharmacovigilance, preclinical, clinical trials and risk management. The field of Pharmacovigilance & Clinical trials is growing rapidly and its development is making tremendous impacts in medical sciences and pharmaceuticals. Pharmacovigilance 2016 emphasizes on how the importance and significance can be gauged by the fact that it has made huge advancements over the course of time and is continuing to influence various sectors. Main theme of is Pharmacovigilance 2016 is “Ensuring Safer Therapeutics in Healthcare System".

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