ACRES Middle East

2016-02-10 - 2016-02-13
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The OIC Halal Middle East Exhibition & Congress is the only exhibition of its kind in the region, by having a congress from its launch edition and leading Halal trade association and authorities. In the 2nd edition a series of specialized workshops focusing on the Halal industry, and also a complementary show ?Kitchen Equipment Middle East? was added which further enhanced the show. For the 3rd edition, the show will further widen its scope by bringing Halal pharmaceuticals, Halal services, Halal ingredients and Halal Finance. The region has always been in the focus of the global Halal industry for its oil-powered economies, unique geographical location and religious composition. Now, that spotlight has just got brighter, thanks to the UAE being chosen to chair two major technical committees for Halal standards. Global attention is on the UAE, as the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) is working on unified standards for Halal food and cosmetics, which, once approved by the OIC, will be introduced in all Islamic countries in the near future. The global Halal industry is also keenly watching the developments in the GCC, which had announced that they are considering making it mandatory for all meat imported into the region to carry a Halal stamp. A set of guidelines for Halal certification bodies in the UAE is also in the works, apart from a unified code for Halal products that is valid for the whole of GCC. Aiming to share the limelight and capitalize on the global attention, the Halal Middle East exhibition and congress is expanding its focus from just being a food event to cover everything that is Halal. Now, for its second edition, Halal ME will not just be a comprehensive sourcing point for all Halal products, from food to pharmaceuticals and insurance to tourism, but assumes vast significance as it is being held in a country that is set to shape future Halal trade.

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