Argus DeWitt Asian MTBE and Blendstocks Conference 2014

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The rapid demand growth of gasoline in Asia-Pacific and the Mideast Gulf, as well as changing fuel specifications, are driving big changes in the gasoline blending industry. The conference will take a look at global MTBE and blendstocks markets with a focus on Asia-Pacific and the Mideast Gulf and provide an understanding of what to expect in this sector. The event will focus on global supplies, new investments and the demand outlook for MTBE, as well as take an in-depth look at alternate blendstocks from ethanol to mixed aromatics and ETBE amid the evolving gasoline markets. Conference Highlights Include: • Current demand and production outlook for MTBE across major Asian markets, with an emphasis on China • Upcoming refining capacity and gasoline consumption growth in Asia-Pacific and the Mideast Gulf and its impact on MTBE requirements • New MTBE investments and capacity • Factors influencing MTBE pricing and forecasts • A view of MTBE demand patterns • Competition and limitations of alternate blendstocks — reformate and mixed aromatics • Potential in further growth of ethanol and ETBE in Asia • Global outlook for MTBE, specifically Latin America, Europe and Asia Save the date for this insightful event, as we look forward to welcoming our international audience to Singapore in early March 2014.

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