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This three-day event will develop upon the previous, highly successful meeting to further provide focused and in depth industry, regulatory and scientific perspectives in terms of what the factors are that hinder the progression of biologics in clinical development. Industry experts will talk about their experiences and give insight into the vital components that make up a successful early-stage strategy for biologic studies. 4 EVENTS IN ONE: 1. Best Practices in Developing Complex Biologics 2. Best Practices in Developing Innovative Advanced Biological Therapies 3. Enhancing PK/PD Understanding for Complex Biologicals 4. Optimising CMC in Parallel to Biologic R&D Processes The attendees of this event will obtain an advanced understanding of how to strategically incorporate the requirements that are specific to biologics into the operational planning for an early-phase clinical trial that provides the best opportunity to save time, reduce risk, cut costs, and demonstrate product value early in development. To request the full agenda please follow the link:

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