The Category Management Conference – Advanced Channel Strategies In Action 2017

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25 Brand-Led Insights ★ Retailer Q&A ★ Interactive Category Breakouts Harness Trend-Led Shopper Insights & Develop Future-Proof Category Strategies To Create Profitable Retailer-Manufacturer Relationships, Win Shoppers & Drive Commercial Success In An Ever-Changing Retail Environment On Every Channel: Harnessing Consumer & Shopper Trends: Key insights into the latest shopper needs and trends to fuel category growth and profits The Perfect Retailer-Manufacturer Relationship: Create long-term commercial success for sustained category growth with retailer-driven strategies Future-Proof Your Category With Insight-Fuelled Visions: Effective category strategies which win retailer attention and boost profits Win Online With Hard-Hitting, Trend-Led Category Strategies: Succeed with retailers and shoppers alike with optimised online purchasing and displays Cater To Discounter Needs: Develop successful relationships which deliver greater profits and category expansion Innovate & Capitalise On Convenience Success: Profit from convenience growth, stand out from the competition – and on the shelf! Stay On-Trend To Boost Main Estate Sales: Ensure prime product placement instore and reinvigorate main estate success Next-Level Pricing & Promotions Strategies: Balance consumer and retailer expectations for increased category performance An Optimum Range? Key insights into retailer decision making and consumer needs to survive range rationalisation Uncertain Economic Landscape: How will Brexit affect your category management? Harness the potential opportunities created by Brexit to stay ahead of competitors by recognising emerging consumer behaviours

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