ComFish Alaska Trade Show and Fisheries Forum 2017

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In its 37th year of service to the fishing industry, ComFish Alaska continues to adapt to the changing face of the fisheries. In its early years, exhibitors came to support the fishing fleet with products and services including engines, outboards, seine blocks and electronic equipment. As those fisheries matured and the focus shifted to safety issues, we saw exhibitors selling life rafts, survival suits, and Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons. Various state and federal agencies promoted training and safety on board vessels. The fishing industry has evolved dramatically in just a very short time. Much of the action is taking place in the regulatory and environmental arena with discussions on a host of issues such as Gulf Catch Share plans, bycatch reduction measures, and observer program issues to name a few. To keep up with the times and remain a viable event and to provide a benefit to Kodiak and our fishing community, the Chamber of Commerce realized ComFish Alaska must also adapt to the changes in the fishing industry and to people’s buying patterns. ComFish Alaska will continue to evolve in the coming years as we position Kodiak as the natural location for the sharing of ideas and fishing information. The Alaska Fishery Policy Forum has become the platform during which harvesters, processors, community leaders, industry members, and policymakers can discuss specific issues related to Alaska’s commercial fisheries.

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