EXPO Solar 2018

2018-06-14 - 2018-06-16
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As the largest solar energy exhibition in Asia, EXPO Solar simultaneously holds PV WORLD FORUM which provides the exhibitors and visitors with information on the latest technology related to photovoltaic and know-how related to market information, construction and design. 
Thus, the visitors of this forum may gratuitously acquire broad and diverse technical know-how ranging from construction and installation related to photovoltaic, finance to market information. For the person in charge of photovoltaic energy, this conference is held in broad themes ranging from prospect of photovoltaic market to transfer of main technology and installation know-how. 

Attendee information

ATTENDEE PROFILE of main participants:

    ㆍLandowner and building owner
    ㆍOwner of plant and real estate for industry
    ㆍIndividual investor, person in charge of investment fund and venture capital 
    ㆍPerson in charge of financial circle and lease company
    ㆍPerson in charge of legal and advisory institution 
    ㆍPerson in charge of engineering company 
    ㆍPerson in charge of insurer and guarantee company

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