Fort Lauderdale (Fall) Home Design And Remodeling Show ( Home Show )

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2018-11-16 - 2018-11-18
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The Home Design and Remodeling Shows are the longest running, most successful home shows in Florida. Each home show in the series showcases an international collection of home improvements for indoors and outdoors, new trends in interior design and an array of products and services for home updates, renovations and remodeling. Industry experts from around the globe demonstrate products and services onsite, offering tips to save money on all home improvement projects. Ideas for every room in the house are on display, in addition to outdoor improvements for landscaping, gardens and pool or patio areas. Consumers experience the products in person and talk with the businesses on the show floor. Participating exhibitors gain one-on-one interaction with interested consumers, creating a unique marketplace specially designed for South Florida's diverse community. Special home show pricing is offered to add to the savings. The Home Design and Remodeling Show is the only marketplace where homeowners can see the latest design trends, home improvement ideas, unique new products and interact with industry professionals …all in one convenient location!

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Open to the trade and public.

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Meet face to face with industry and retail customers ready to buy. Reach a year's worth of customers in a few days. Benefit by the extensive advertising campaign that brings buyers to the show Make yearly sales numbers with the leads and follow-up sales after the show. Grab a part of South Florida's multi-million dollar export business.

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