Fresh Produce Ukraine 2014

2014-11-25 - 2014-11-27
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Fresh Produce Ukraine is unique as it is the only specialized international event focused on fruit & vegetable growing and post-harvest handling technologies in the countries of the Former Soviet Union (CIS). Moreover, the conference "Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine" is being incorporated within the framework of the exhibition, our partner Fruit-Inform has been holding this large international fresh produce conference on these days for the past nine years, Fresh Produce Ukraine is being built on this event and on their success and market knowledge. Visitor information Meet key clients from Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries, which could make a difference for your business: • Largest professional growers and dynamic mid-size farmers involved in production of fruits, berries, vegetables, greenhouse produce and potatoes. • Owners and top-managers of largest import and export firms, wholesale markets, as well as local wholesalers, packers and distributors. • Processors of fruits and vegetables. • Supermarket chain representatives responsible for fresh produce departments. • Local and international suppliers of seeds, nursery plants, inputs, machinery and equipment for production, processing, storage and PHH of fruits, berries, vegetables and potatoes. Key Product Areas • Fresh produce supply and marketing. • Growing technologies for fruits, berries, vegetables and potatoes. • Greenhouse technologies and equipment for growing vegetables and berries. • Storage, cooling and quality preservations for fresh produce. • Sorting, packing and other post-harvest handling equipment and technologies. • Fruit & vegetable processing equipment.

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