Gordon Research Conference on Biology of Aging

2015-07-19 - 2015-07-24
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The 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Biology of Aging will highlight fundamental processes and pathways of aging emerging from studies of model organisms, how these concepts advance our understanding of human aging and age associated diseases, and how this knowledge can be translated into successful interventions to ameliorate the functional decline of age. The topics will include: the genetics and epigenetics of aging, genome stability, stem cells and rejuvenation, cellular senescence, protein homeostasis and autophagy, neuroendocrine regulation, and metabolic regulation and mitochondria. The meeting will close with a session on developing therapeutic strategies for aging and age-associated diseases. The meeting will be conducted in an atmosphere that facilitates reciprocal exchange between scientists working in experimental models and those involved in studies of human biology, and will promote interactions among established investigators and newcomers to the field. The preceding Gordon Research Seminar will encompass the same range of topics and will focus on advancing the careers of the next generation of scientists in the aging field.

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