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2015-02-02 - 2015-02-04
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+44 (0)20 7384 7704
ICE Conferences are the easiest way to locate, amongst ICE's 25K visitors, like-minded professionals who face similar challenges you do and might have the answers to them? The 2015 programme comprises a voyage through 8 high-level, targeted events which cover all of gaming's vertical markets. You can opt for an access-all-areas pass or select a single conference to attend – the choice is yours. ICE Conferences features: INTERNATIONAL CASINO CONFERENCE The premier gathering of senior executives of the largest casino groups in Europe, organised in co-operation with the European Casino Association. WORLD REGULATORY BRIEFING Crucial updates on the regulatory developments throughout the world that determine the potential for industry progress, organised in partnership with IAGA. DATA INSIGHT AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Insight from experts in data analytics and business intelligence, on translating data analysis into measurable actions, across corporate divisions. CROSS-PLATFORM AND MULTI-CHANNEL GAMING Over 30 leading operators discuss the strategic and operational impact of putting customers at the heart of multi-channel strategy. LOTTERIES FOR THE FUTURE A knowledge hub for lotteries in search of innovation, strategy, forward thinking, future planning guidance, and practical advice on more immediate needs. GAME DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Making game development more dynamic, harnessing innovation, trust, and customer psychology to make gains in market penetration. BETMARKETS Driving strategies to expand in-play propositions, mobile and multi-screen betting, social gaming, sports integrity, and penetrate new markets. CYBERCRIME, SECURITY AND REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Anti-fraud, security, risk, compliance, and payments executives from both online and land-based sectors come together and share best practice. Time: 09:00 - 17:30 URLs: Booking: Inquiries: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Price Early Bird - Access All Areas: £1149 Standard - Access All Areas: £1299 Onsite - Access All Areas: £1499 Early Bird - Single Conference: £599 Standard - Single Conference: £749 Onsite - Single Conference: £849 Early Bird - International Casino Conference: £499 Standard - International Casino Conference: £549 Onsite - International Casino Conference: £649
Exhibitor information
Alexia Couccoullis, Andrew Daniels, Angel Iribozov, Anze Gantar, Atle Hamar, Avi Marco, Avshalom Lazar, Axel Gutschenreiter, Birgitte Sand, Brian Mattingley, Brigitte Sand, Bruce Bale, Carlo Pagan, Charles Palmer, Chris Harrison, Chris Hurran OBE, Christina Thakor-Rankin, Ciara NicLiam, Claus Hambach, Corey Padveen, Damia Calvet Valera, Daniel Kustelski, Daniel Brattemark, Darren Bailey, David Henwood, David Schollenberger, Debbie Rominger, Dennis van Breemen, Dennis Van Breenmen, Dora Michail, Dr Martin Lycka, Eric Konings, Ewout Keuleers, Fabio Napoli, Fernando Paes Afonso, Fintan Costello, Fraser McDonald, Fredrik Skärheden, Garreth Cameron, Geoff Read, George Oborne, Gowree Gokhale, Harrie Temmink, Harrison Bani, Helen Taylor, Henk Kesler, Henning Kosmack, Hussein Chahine, Jacob Curciel, Jake List, Jake Pollard, James Hilton, James Goode, Jamison Selby, Jan Jones-Blackhurst, Jane Bliss, Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, Jeff Power, Jenny Williams, Jesper Jensen, Joe Ellis, Joe Saumarez-Smith, Joey Cormier, Jon Porter, Jon Matonis, Joseph Cuschieri, Kaushik Banerjee, Keith McDonnell, Kevin Williams, Kris Marshall, Kristof Szucs, Kurt Freedlund, Liam Ford, Lucien Wijsman, Lucinda Kelly, Luke Gauci, Maarten Haijer, Maarten Verschuere, Machteld Robichon, Mads Peter Veiby, Marc Etches, Marc Campman, Marcus Wareham, Maria Appelman, Mark Cox, Mark Grimes, Mark Clohessy, Marko Hietala, Martin Fuereder, Michael Mrak, Michael Nagle, Michael Pollock, Mike O'Kane, Mike Tanji, Monica Monaco, Nathan Walker, Nick Bonney, Nick Tofiluk, Nigel Singer, Olivier Kaplan, Pascal Brouet, Patrick Raude, Per Jaldung, Peter Naessens, Peter Howitt, Peter Wilson, Phil Holmes, Philip Taylor, Philip Tuck, Phillipe Vlaemminck, Pim Verschuuren, Quirino Mancini, Raf Keustermans, Richard Schuetz, Richard Beach, Richard Lee, Richard Bateson, Richard Wade, Robert Fell, Robert Tercek, Rolf Sims, Roman Melchert, Ron Goudsmit, Rory Martin, Roy Ramm, Rutger-Jan Hebben, Sarah Sculpher, Seth Young, Shane Stafford, Sid Gupta, Simon Collins, Simon Hammon, Simon Thomas, Simon Llanos, Simon Beacham, Steen Madsen, Steve George, Steve Brennan, Steve Calvert, Stuart McGowan, Susan Hensel, Thimon de Jong, Thomas Rosander, Trevor De Giorgio, Turlough Lally, Veronique Deconinck, Vicenc Marti, Volker Hirsch, William J. Pascrell III, Wojciech Szpil, Yahaya Maikori, Yariv Lavi, Yoni Sidi

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