IFE China International Food Exhibtion 2017 (IFE2017)

IFE China – the largest, most professional and most authoritative food and beverage show in south of China even in China, focus on assisting oversea companies to find the distributors and agents to expand the food & beverage market in China
2017-06-16 - 2017-06-18
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17th China International Food Exhibition And Guangzhou Import Food Exhibtion 2017(IFE2017) will be held on Jun. 16-18th, 2017.

Attendee information

China(Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition & Guangzhou Import Food Exhibition boasts of more than 38576 attendees on a regular basis. A large number of overseas visitors participate in the event as well. Food and beverage producers, processing experts, organic food experts, nutritional food professionals and traders of food and beverage products attend the show at each of its editions. Food testing experts, market analysts, suppliers, dealers, distributors, packaging professionals, fermentation experts and dairy and poultry professionals are present here as well. Metal detection experts, food ingredient executives, machine handlers, frozen food experts and decision making authorities take part in the event too.

Exhibitor information

China(Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition & Guangzhou Import Food Exhibition draws in more than 685 professional exhibitors, including as many as 198 foreign exhibiting companies. Some of the chiefly exhibited items at the show are specialty food items, organic food products, travel foods, snacks, nuts, dried fruits, meat products, chocolates, biscuits, eggs and meat products. Wines, beers and other spirits, mineral water, olives, vegetables, seafood, frozen and canned food products, plant extracts and food additives are also displayed here. Food testing tools, printing machines, food processing equipments, health foods and supplements, bakery items, tea, coffee and soft drinks are also available during the event. Several noted companies participate as exhibitors at the show, including Korea JEJU KONKUK NATURA and Officer Ocean Food Corp.

Future dates

exhibitors will increased 20% and the visitors will increase 10% every year

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