New Era, New Trade Opportunity
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China (Xia'men) International Import Show for Advanced Equipment & Technologies and Critical Parts, 2016(ImChina 2016) will be held in May,11-13,2016 in Xia'men Int'l Conference & Exhibition Center with 3 featured sections: consumer electronics section, modern factory & process automation section, critical parts section. There will be 43500 net show space, 57000 professional visitors from nearly 30 regions and countries. ImChina2016, with China new era background of "One Belt and One Road" and Xia'men Free Trade Zone, brings out show topic of "New Era, New Trade Opportunity". Meanwhile, Xia'men, as one of China Special Economic Zone, Seaport and Import & Export City, Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone, has its industrial advantages on port &marine, electronic &information, instruments, manufacturing, logistics & packing, textiles & clothing, hardware & machinery. According to national GDP statistics, China's top five trading partners are EU, US, ASEAN, Hong Kong and Japan; at the same time, ASEAN and other emerging markets have become a new growth point of China foreign trade.
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Section I. consumer electronics ●household video products ●household digital products ●digital entertainment products ●digital content support technology ●household appliances ●storage solutions ●mobile office equipment ●mobile communications solutions ●software applications and solutions ●security products ●automotive electronics Section II. modern factory & process automation(FA/PA) ● wireless technologies ● computer-aided design & manufacturing ● industrial ethernet ● fieldbus technology & products ● programmable controller & technology ● numerical control systems ● machine vision technology ● human-machine interface ● safety/security systems & products ● industrial robots & technology ● industrial control machine & systems ● variable frequency speed regulation & servo control ● motion control systems ● embedded products & technology ●automatic logistics ●sensors & automatic measurement ●harmonic drive technology ●hydraulic & pneumatic components ●automation instrumentation Section III. critical parts ● automotive and ships ● robotics and CNC machines

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