IoT Evolution Expo 2017

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203.852.6800 ext 145
Be part of the world's largest IoT Community in Las Vegas and at @IoTEvolution. IoT Evolution highlights the robust nature of IoT by focusing on sets of solutions and technologies that address the opportunities as well as the vast array of business challenges that every company faces.
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IoT Business Intelligence and Analytics: Understand how to unlock the value of the massive amount of data driven by the IoT. Hear how machine learning and the manipulation of massive amounts of data are being used to gain insights previously out of reach. Explore predictive analytics, process driven decision making, distribute networks and more. Topics Include: From Automation to Autonomous Systems Business Analytics, predictive and prescriptive Analytics Managing Massive Data the Great Challenge Fog Computing and Edge Processing Real Time Big Data: Managing the IoT Streams Integrating the IoT into Enterprise IT architecture

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You’ve been tasked with planning a great (and productive!) meeting for over 1,000 attendees. Feeling anxious yet? No need—Vegas has the perfect event spaces to accommodate extra-large groups. Here’s how to get all of those people talking about your business with the backdrop of an incredible venue, of course. Caesars Palace