2014-06-11 - 2014-06-13
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The direct organization for the Professional target groups, Turkey being the fastest-growing country in world medical tourism sector, Istanbul being the capital at Turkey’s medical tourism, Istanbul being the most appropriate city for the transportation to thermal health and thermal spring centers, The opportunity to meet new and potential customers with direct interaction, B2B meetings, Panels about the subjects of Medical Tourism, Thermal Health, Thermal Spring, Spa & Wellness, The opportunity to be together with the key players of world health tourism sector within the same of organization Being up-to-date about all the developments of world health tourism.


Istanbul Medical Tourism Fair set to be organized on 11-13 June 2014 with concurrent events at Istanbul Congress Center for the first time will bring together world health tourism industry corporations and professionals.

Attendee information

 Public & University Hospitals  Private Hospitals  Health Centers, Special Treatment Centers & Clinics  Hospital, Health Center and Clinic Management Teams & Professionals  Medicine Professionals  National & International Health Tourism, Thermal Tourism, Spa & Wellness Tourism Tour Companies & Professionals  Health Tourism Professionals  Medical Tourism Professionals  Thermal Tourism Sector Professionals  Spa & Wellness Sector Professionals  Health Tourism Municipalities & Local Government  Thermal Tourism Municipalities & Local Government  National & International Health Tourism Investment Companies  National & International Health Tourism Buyer Delegation Groups  National & International Medical Tourism Investment Companies  National & International Medical Tourism Buyer Delegation Groups  National & International Thermal Tourism Buyer Delegation Groups  National & International Thermal Tourism, Spa & Wellness Tourism Investment Companies  Insurance Companies  Sectorial Associations & Institutions  National & International Media Companies

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 Public & University Hospitals  Private Hospitals & Health Institutions  Tooth & Chin Surgery Centers  Eye Hospitals  Test- Tube Baby Hospitals & Centers  Hair Planting Clinics & Centers  Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Clinics  Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Centers  Alternative Medicine Centers  Eld (Geriatrics) and Disabled Clinics & Centers  Healthy Life- Weight Loss and Diet Clinics  Health Tourism Travel Agencies  Health Tourism Investment and Intermediary Corporations  Thermal Health, Treatment and Thalasso Centers  Spa & Wellness Centers  Thermal Health Hotels  Thermal Province, County and Towns  Development Agencies  Spa & Wellness Hotels  Land, Air and Sea Ambulance Services Companies  Medical Cosmetic Companies  Spa & Wellness Invesment Companies  Spa & Wellness Cosmetic Companies  Insurance Companies  National & International Social Security Companies  Accredited Health Centers & Sectorial Associations  Health & Health Tourism Media Companies

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