Mid-Atlantic Baseball & Softball Expo

2014-02-22 - 2014-02-23
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The Mid-Atlantic Baseball & Softball Expo is the first of its kind in the nation.  It is open to the public with all coaches, players, organizations, leagues, teams or baseball and softball enthusiasts welcome to attend.

Many of the top companies from the baseball and softball industry will showcase the newest technology and state of the art equipment.  Expect to see: Bat Companies, Batting Cages, Sports Apparel, Sports Equipment,  Glove Manufacturers, Sports Medicine, Health & Fitness, Local, State and National Organizations, Nutrition Vendors, Fundraising Companies, Uniform Companies and much more. All players, coaches, administrators and leagues active in T-Ball, Little League, Babe Ruth, High School, College, Men’s Softball, Girl’s/Women’s Softball and beyond will find information and instruction on products and services that will help improve their baseball and softball skill sets! 

Don’t miss this opportunity to test out the newest line of bats, gloves and equipment from the nation’s top manufacturers plus compare your throwing arm and skills to the pros!

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