PGA Fashion & Demo Experience

Golf's Premier Fall Buying Event for the Golf Industry
2014-08-18 - 2014-08-20
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For more than 20 years, golf industry leaders have come to the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience in the second-half of the golf season to source new merchandise and vendors, test the latest equipment and aids, learn new teaching and business methods from proven industry experts and network among peers and industry executives. Traditionally a West Coast springboard for golf business in the new year, the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience also is valuably positioned for its vendors and attendees among five trade shows during Las Vegas "fashion week" including MAGIC™, MODA™, MRket®, and ACCESSORIES: The Show®*.

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Who Attends? PGA Professionals, Key Off-Course, On-Course, Large Resorts & Management, Fashion Buyers, Media & Press that cover the Golf industry
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  1. Golf Equipment
  2. Golf Products
  3. Golf Services
  4. Golf & Resort Apparel
  5. Travel
  6. Teaching Aids
  7. Course Signage
  8. Course Fixtures
  9. Turf Maintenance
  10. Course Maintenance
  11. Golf Carts
  12. Club Management

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You’ve been tasked with planning a great (and productive!) meeting for over 1,000 attendees. Feeling anxious yet? No need—Vegas has the perfect event spaces to accommodate extra-large groups. Here’s how to get all of those people talking about your business with the backdrop of an incredible venue, of course. Caesars Palace