Plasti & Pack

International Plastics & Packaging Industry Trade Fair
2014-09-04 - 2014-09-06
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Event contact title
Project Manager
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Mr. Rizwan
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+92 213 111 734 266
Attendee information
- Automobile Industry . Building & Construction . Chemicals Importers, Dealers & Suppliers . Designers, Consultants, Engineers . Electronics / Electrical Appliances, Household and General Product Manufacturers . Equipment & Material Buyers . Exporters, Importers . Food & Beverage Manufacturers / Distributors . Institutions and Associations . IT & Telecom Industry . Logistic Management . Marketing & Brand Managers . Material Handlers . New Product Development Managers . Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Manufacturers . Plastic, Printing, Packaging Specialists & Professionals . Production Managers . Publishers of Books, Magazines, Media/Production Agencies . Rubber Industry . Toys Manufacturers . Wholesalers & Retailers
Exhibitor information
PLASTICS Raw materials, chemicals and auxiliaries Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling Machinery and plant for processing Post processing machine Machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking Welding machines Molds and dies Ancillary equipment Measuring, control and test equipments Parts and components Semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastics Services PACKAGING Packaging machines Packaging devices Packaging appliances Packaging materials Packaging means and aids Services PRINT Pre-press and pre-media Printing machinery, appliances and accessories Book binding and print finishing Paper converting and packaging production Materials and consumables Services

Partner Voices

Until recently, the opportunity to have a celebrity attend an event, attach themselves to a name-brand or endorse a certain product or idea was untouchable. The thought of paying a person to promote a product was seen as something only Fortune 500 companies could afford. Social media has changed all that with brands and businesses utilizing celebrity influencers to connect directly with their demographics and increase sales and profits.