Rehabexpo Shanghai 2016

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Manager of Overseas Business Development
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Welcome to the leading expo showcasing the assistive products, prosthetics & orthotics, rehabilitation equipments in China.
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Classification of exhibits 1 Daily living aids and assistive products, Barrier-free living, Mobility and walking Aids 2 Prosthetics & orthotics, pedaetric services 3 Physical training, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation equipment, facilities and furnishings. 4 Aids for children 5 Household, personal care and hygiene 6 Associations, institutions, organizations and medias
Future dates
Rehabexpo Shanghai will be held every year in September. Hosted by the organizing committee of two leading fairs in China rehabilitation area, Rehacare & Orthopedic China(R&OC) and China International Rehabilitation and Special Equipment Expo(CRSE), it is another grand exchanged platform for the Asia rehabilitation industry, or even for the world. Also, International Rehabilitation Shanghai Forum(IRSF), a related academic conference will be held in the same period, which includes more than 60 parallel sessions of various area. Rehabexpo Shanghai 2016 is expected to has 11,000 square meters exhibition area, 5,000 square meters forum area, 350 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors from home and abroad, becoming one of the most influential and the largest rehabilitation trade fairs in Asia from start.

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