Retail Asia Expo 2014

2014-06-10 - 2014-06-12
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Asia-Pacific is both the largest and the fastest growing retail market in the world

Retail Asia Expo brings together world-class technology and retail design suppliers to an audience of retail professionals eager to keep up with the latest trends and industry developments in a market that is changing more rapidly now than ever before. With over 8000 retail decision makers attending the event, the only question is will they be coming to buy your solutions, or your competitors?

Attendee information

Managing Director / General Manager, IT Director, System integrator, Senior Retail management, Operation Manager, Health, Beauty & Cosmetics, Duty Free retailing.

Exhibitor information

Back Office Software, Barcode Scanners, Computer Hardware/Software, Customer Relationship Marketing, People Counting, Data Capture and Mining, Data Warehousing, Database Management and Marketing, Digital Signage, E-Commerce, EPOS, Fraud Management and Loss Prevention.

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