Surface & Coatings 2017

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ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Technology & Solutions Exhibition for Surface Treatment, Paints, and Coatings – 5th Edition “Surface and Coatings 2017” is a platform that brings together the new technologies of the fast growing surface processing market and the industrial implementers, creating new opportunities for the sector. This highly diverse trade exhibition specializing in surface finishes, treatments and coatings for broad class of materials capable of altering the surface finish, form or function to enhance appearance, bond strength, corrosion resistance or any design feature. This show boasts a wide range of must-see features like the innovation updates, in-depth presentations, special product focus features, live demonstrations, and networking opportunities.
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Management/ Research & Development/ Procurement & Purchasing/ Production/ Engineering/ Quality Control/ Service & Maintenance from the industries of: Automotive, Building Materials, Chemical, Electronics & Electrical, Energy, Jewelry, Kitchenware, Lens/ Optical, Metallurgy, Packaging, Plastic product, and Sport & Leisure Product.
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Chemical and Raw Materials; Additives, Pigments, Solvents, Oil & Fatty acids, Pretreatment Chemicals, Rust Preventive Oil, Printing Inks, and Metal Supplies. Coating Products: Anti-Corrosion, Automotive Paints, Industrial Coating, and Powder Coating. Automotive Systems: Automation Control System, Conveying System, Handling System, and Robotic System. Machinery and Equipment: Anodizing Machine, Galvanization, Mixers & Dissolvers, Mills, Paints & Powder Coating Applications, Filters, Packaging & Labelling Machine, and Lubricators. Mechanical Finishing: Abrasion, Grit-Blasing Equipment, Shot-Blasting, and Anti-Rusting/ Rust Removing Technology. Metrology & Testing: 3D Metrology, Chemical Characterization, Color and Visual Properties testing, Paint & Dry Film Testing, Surface Analysis, and Metering Devices. Environment Protection and Safety: Waste Treatment and recovery, Dust and Extraction, Ventilation and Air Pollution Control, and Emission/ Effluent/ Residue Treatment. Services: Painting, Heat Treatment, Turnkey Plant & Design, Laboratory, Color & Chemical Characterization, and Other Services.

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