Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants (VAPA) 34th Annual CME Conference - 2016

2016-07-24 - 2016-07-29
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Van Wie
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Conference Dates: July 21-25, 2014 Exhibit Dates: July 22-23, 2014
Why Exhibit? VAPA?s Annual Conference welcomes over 300 hundred dedicated, eager PAs from around the country who are eager to exchange ideas and experiences with their colleagues. They will catch up on the latest news, ideas and treatment techniques. They will learn from top experts in the medical profession and most importantly, they will learn all about your products and services! A Once-A-Year, One-Of-A-Kind Opportunity! PAs are influential health care providers who perform most of the same functions as the physicians they work with. PAs take detailed patient histories, conduct physical exams, order and interpret diagnostic tests, perform medical and surgical therapeutic procedures, and in all 50 states, they write prescriptions! PAs are Integral Members of the Health Care Team?Get Them on Your Marketing Plan Do you dedicate 10% of your marketing budget to reach PAs? The profession is growing rapidly; the Department of Labor has rated the PA profession as the third fastest growing occupation in the United States. If you market to Physicians, you should also be marketing to Physician Assistants. PA?s are looking to YOU for Solutions! VAPA?s Annual Conference attracts the most dedicated PAs in the profession. They will be coming from across the United States to learn everything they can about their occupation and to find the tools to help them do their jobs better. Many PAs are responsible for meeting with pharmaceutical representatives, many as the primary contact. They are the people making and influencing buying decisions for a wide range of products in their practices. Have a product or service to help them provide better health care or help them to work more efficiently? You will have their complete attention!

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