World Sugar Expo & Conference 2017

An International Exhibition of Sugar Companies, Sugar Technology & Its Supporting Industries!
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SUGAR Project
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(+66) 2 513 1418
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Sugar Manufacturers CEOs, Managing Directors, Technical Directors, Works/Plant Managers Process, Engineering , Lab Chemists, Environment Engineers , Power Engineers, Distillation and fermentation experts etc.. Cane personnel of Sugar Mills Purchase Managers, Inventory Controllers and other executive. Sellers and resellers of Sugar and allied products. Research & development scientist. Exporters and Importers of Commodities Other interested Professionals Sugar-Ethanol industries Cane managers and Cane marketing Staff Sugar, Ethanol and Energy Researchers Research and Development Institutions Power, Energy and Fuel Companies Consultants and advisors of Sugar, Ethanol, Energy and other downstream industries.
Exhibitor information
Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers :: Machinery | Spares | Processing | Hydraulic and pneumatic | Environment Management and Effluent Treatment | Co Generations | Boilers | Turbines | Material handling systems | Storage techniques | Gear Boxes | Pipes | Pumps | Valves | Conveyers and Conveying Systems | Harvesters for Cane and Beet | Fertilizers and pesticides manufacturers | Chemical Manufacturers | Distillation & Fermentation process | Ethanol manufacturing | latest farming technology and irrigation Input and consumable suppliers :: For sugar processing | sugar refining | water treatment | Lubricants & Greases | Fermentation and distillation | finished goods for packing like bags | bottles | tankers etc Technology developers and Suppliers :: For Sugar | Distillation | Fermentation | Co Generation | Ethanol manufacturing and Cane farming Services providers :: Services and maintenance | Software and Hardware | Security devices | quality control devices Sugar Manufacturers and Suppliers Exporters and Importers of Raw, Finished & Refined Sugar Sugar, Alcohol and Ethanol Manufacturers Associations and Institutes Research and Development Institutes Technical and Trade related publications Trade Associations: Sugar | Alcohol | Ethanol | Energy

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