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#Expochat Topic: The Tricks of Attendee Acquisition for Events

What are the “little tricks” of Attendee Acquisition for trade shows and events?

Join Terence Donnelly of Experient and #Expochat as we uncover some of the tricks from the masters when it comes to attendee acquisition. Attracting attendees isn’t just about using the right messaging, it also involves using different technologies, social media, data and many years of knowing your show and market. Join other marketing experts in our industry as we answer the following questions:

·       Why do we have to work harder today to get attendees to focus on our event and “click here” to register?

·       What are the different and most effective mediums to promote your event?

·       What tools, innovations or “tricks” are we not thinking of that successful marketers are using?

·       What are the advantages and disadvantages of promoting through social media channels?

·       How can you effectively use your exhibitor partners to promote your event for you?

·       Why is data so important before posting that stamp or clicking send on that event promotion?

·       What does the crystal ball tell us about attendee development in the future?

When: April 26, 1 p.m. ET

Where: Use hashtag #Expochat and any Twitter chat tool! (Tweetchat, for example)

NEW: Come to the chat with questions about anything trade show related. We will use our community to address your issues or maybe even hook you up with some help.

What is #EXPOCHAT?

Expochat is a Twitter-based conversation on topics related to the trade show industry. It takes place most Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (new time slot) and tackles a single topic each week - a recurring pain point, innovative ideas, evolution of the industry, best practices, and what works. Expochat is alternately moderated by four industry thought leaders: Stephanie Selesnick (International Trade Information, Inc.), Terence Donnelly (Experient), Michelle Bruno (Bruno Group Signature Services) and Michael Doane (CadmiumCD). 

Expochat has been reformatted from previous years. The discussion (new format) will last a very fast-paced 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes during which participants may ask questions of the group on any topic. To participate, sign up on ]]>]]> and follow the ]]>#Expochat]]> hashtag at the appointed time. Questions will be identified as Q1, Q2, etc. Responses from participants should be written as A1, A2, etc. Tools like and others can make it easier to participate. Ideas are welcome on Expochat but commercialism is not.

Trade Show News Network, the leading online exhibition industry news resource, sponsors the chat, and topics are listed in advance on Reminders will be tweeted out prior to each week's discussion, but if you miss a chat, Storify transcripts will be available on TSNN after each chat. We gladly accept requests for topics at Guest moderators are also welcome. #Expochat, now in its fourth year, works because the community supports it. Join us for the best live conversations about the industry that signs your paycheck. Rants welcome!

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