Beijing Industrial Automation Show Spans 20,000 Square Meters

May 17, 2014

Over 200 exhibiting companies joined this year’s Industrial Automation Beijing at the Beijing Exhibition Centre to occupy a total exhibition area of 20,000 m2. Industrial Automation Beijing is organised by Hannover Milano Fairs China, a joint subsidiary of Deutsche Messe and Fiera Milano.


According to the organiser, participation from international attendees reached 60% this year. Products and services covered include industrial robot and machine vision, sensor and connector, the automation of production process, electrical system and transmission technology.


James Fu, general manager of Hannover Milano Fairs China, commented, “We spare no effort to forge Industrial Automation Beijing into the most influential show in China’s northern area. It serves the market, develops with the market and is in accordance with the goal to revive and transform the industrial sector, especially the equipment manufacturing industry in Northern China, thus facilitating trade cooperation between Chinese and international enterprises, and promoting the development of China industry.”


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