Features to Consider when Evaluating an Event Mobile App Solution

September 14, 2014

Event mobile apps are very popular and can add much value to the attendee and exhibitor experience.  How do you ensure that your mobile app adds value and doesn’t simply allow you to check the box that you provided a mobile app for your event?  

Start by thoroughly investigating the features offered in the event app solution to ensure there is something powerful and useful under the shiny, and sometimes distracting, exterior. Recent reviews of our apps show that attendees want an app that is simple to use and adds value to them. 

For example, the app saves them time finding exhibitors and products, they can plan their schedule while on the go, and they receive real-time updates about the event.

Things to consider when researching event app solutions:

Intuitive planning tools on the go
Ultimately your event app should give event participants access to intuitive search, planning and sharing features that complement your website information and work extremely well on their mobile devices.
Centralized and secure solutions
Does the solution come backed by secure and centralized data access without duplication of effort and last-minute hassle from you?
Networking opportunities
Look for a solution that can help your audience build meaningful business and social connections, increasing their satisfaction from your event.
Built-in social media engagement 
Is the platform closely integrated with popular social media services including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, that can increase the viral reach for your event.
Comprehensive support
Does the app provider offer full deployment support for iOS and Android native apps? You will also want a provider that offers end user support.

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