Professional Convention Management Association CMP Exam Prep App

May 22, 2016

The Professional Convention Management Association launched its new CMP Exam Prep App, powered by SpotMe.

The CMP study app is an add-on to the recently released updated CMP Online Prep Course.

Dedicated to elevating the role of event organizers, PCMA believes that with tough traveling schedules, a first-of-its-kind on-the-go solution opens an opportunity for more professionals to earn their designation.

Once users have downloaded the app, they will have access to:

  • 500 quiz-type questions to test knowledge – organized by domain and as a scramble
  • Domain resources including chapter summaries from Professional Meeting Management, one of the recommended texts for the CMP Exam
  • The ability to connect with other CMP Exam takers via the in app messaging and message board

“Offering an on-the-go solution was important to PCMA when we redesigned the PCMA CMP Online Prep Course” said Deborah Sexton, PCMA President and CEO. “A full online course is the right tool to prepare you for the exam, but when you are traveling, or even on your commute, and have a few moments to reinforce your learning, an app is the way to go.”

In addition to the app, the CMP Online Prep Course has been completely rewritten and updated for the Exam based on the latest study materials (Professional Meeting Management, 6th edition and CIC Manual, 9th edition & APEX glossary). New featured include:

  • Brand new page references within the course so you can easily refer back to the content
  • New outline handouts – by domain –including content within slides
  • New scenario based quizzing and questions that you can use with study groups or individually – so you go beyond memorization and can better learn complex situations

For more information on the series of products designed to help professionals pass the CMP Exam, visit

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