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All YOU Need to Know About Event Technology Trends

Topic:  All YOU Need to Know About Event Technology Trends

When: Thursday, May 11, 2017 12:00 - 1:00 PM Eastern Time

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Moderator: Michelle Bruno, writer, blogger, and technology journalist.

Guest Panelists:
Tahira Endean, CMP, Meeting Planner & Event Producer of the BC Tech Summit
Elizabeth Glau, Attendee Experience Manager for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
Jay Tokosch, CEO & Co-Founder of Core-apps


If you’re an exhibition organizer, you may be wondering how your peers are handling some of the critical issues surrounding event technology—addressing the large number of choices, budgeting, security, trends, and data insights. If you’re an event technology company, you’re likely interested in what organizers are looking for, where they’re investing their technology budgets, and how your technology can fill those important gaps.

This TSNN Webinar, moderated by Michelle Bruno, will explore where exhibition organizers are right now with respect to implementing and profiting from event technology and where they need to go.

Attendees will learn:


  • Ways that event technology is being used in the exhibition industry
  • Where organizers are spending money on event technology
  • Event technology developments and trends
  • Some of the current uses for event data
  • What organizers see as the challenges and opportunities of event technology
  • Security considerations for event technology


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Wellness - The Hot, New Trend in the Trade Show Industry

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Kim Bercovitz, Ph.D.
(aka Dr. Kim)

Dale Hudson
Knowledge and Events Director, IMEX Group

Become a Conference Wellness Superstar!

Wellness is the hot, new buzzword today in the meetings and exhibitions industry. Conferences can take their toll on participants through lots of sitting, standing, and information to take in.

Wellness programs give participants a needed mental and physical break. Discover how wellness on the exhibit floor and in open learning lounges provides a healthy and memorable experience, and attracts sponsorship revenue.

The session will focus on wellness lounges, wellness challenges and activities to keep attendees motivated during and after the conference. The webinar will conclude with a discussion of the future of conference wellness.

Attendees will come away with insight on:

  • How food and inactivity impact the brain and body during conferences
  • Why sitting is a health hazard and deemed “the new smoking”
  • Healthy and time efficient ways to boost energy throughout the conference/trade show day
  • Wellness spaces and activities to engage participants, secure sponsorship, and integrate into conferences and trade shows

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The Future of Trade Shows : Technology, Competition and the Customer Experience


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Cost: None! Courtesy of ]]>Signature Boston/MCCA ]]> and ]]>Onstream Media]]>

When: Thursday, June 9, 2016 1:00-2:00 PM Eastern Time

Moderator: Michelle Bruno is a writer, blogger, and technology journalist. She develops content and content strategies for event-industry technology companies at ]]>Bruno Group Signature Services]]>. She writes about event innovation at ]]>Fork in the Road blog]]> and publishes ]]>Event Tech Brief]]>, a weekly newsletter and website on event technology.

Guest Panelists: Francis J. Friedman is a professional marketer, and branding and business-building expert. He is a recognized futurist in the tradeshow and events industry through his writings, speaking and chairing of a number of industry “future-focused” task forces and committees. He has been a senior tradeshow industry consultant for more than 25 years. His forthcoming book, Future of the Tradeshow Industry, the Modern Digital Tradeshow(MDT), discusses the ongoing digital transformation of the tradeshow model. Francis can be reached at (212) 879-6400.

Dahlia El Gazzar is a speaker, educator, consultant, and marketer who is laser focused on event technology. As the Brand Visionnaire, Idea Ingiteur and Netweaver at Dahlia +, she develops marketing strategies for event-technology providers and startups and speaks to audiences on how to integrate the latest technology tools into the event planning process. She has developed interactive training on iPads and mobile apps and provides assistance on a range of technologies at her very popular in-event TECH bars.

Andrea Bahr, CEM is vice president of exposition and events at the Texas Restaurant Association. She has extensive experience in social media, digital marketing, event-technology applications and systems, content management, project management and public speaking. She has held positions at dmg events USA, the Society of Petroleum Engineers and SPE’s Offshore Technology Conference, and the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts. She specializes in researching and recommending cutting-edge technology, including floor plan management, mobile apps, registration platforms, networking, and lead retrieval, to improve the event experience for attendees, staff, exhibitors, and sponsors. She is active in a number of industry organizations, where she leads efforts in education and mentorship.


The digitization of events, as well as the proliferation of platforms, applications, and devices designed to “retool” traditional trade shows, is proceeding much more quickly than many are prepared for. In his forthcoming book, Future of the Tradeshow Industry, the Modern Digital Tradeshow (MDT), Francis Friedman dives deep into digital transformation, increasing competition from online marketing channels and private corporate events, and the need to redouble efforts on improving the customer experience. In this TSNN Webinar, moderator Michelle Bruno will lead a discussion with Friedman and two experts, Andrea Bahr, vice president of exposition and events at the Texas Restaurant Association, and Dahlia El Gazzar, speaker, trainer, consultant, and event-technology thought leader at Dahlia +.

The panel will address the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation and event technology. Attendees will come away with insight on:


  • What’s happening to the traditional trade show model
  • Technologies that can and will radically change trade shows
  • A roadmap for managing change and addressing challenges
  • Business opportunities, revenue streams, and reset buttons



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Don't Let Your Event Brand Itself!

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When:  Thursday,April 14, 2016 1:00-2:00 PM Eastern Time

Moderator: Kevin Miller, President, ]]>Frost Miller Group]]>

Guest Panelists:  Elizabeth Johnson, Director of Content Marketing, ]]>Frost Miller Group]]>, Alison Parsells Moser, Director of Marketing ]]>American Gastroenterological Association]]> and Martha H. Sauchuk, Director of Marketing, ]]>American Association for the Study of Liver Disease]]>.


Successful branding differentiates a company from the competition, builds customer loyalty, and generates revenue. Meeting and event professionals are also recognizing the importance of branding as a tool to achieve these goals.

This webinar will focus on the benefits of developing a strong event brand as well as strategies and tips on how you can re-ignite your own event’s brand for improved performance and results! Association marketing executives will present case study examples of event branding strategies.


  • Learn what an event brand is and how it must support the overall mission and vision of the show organizer
  • Understand the financial and mission-driven benefits of branding an event
  • Get the tools needed to properly brand their own event – whether that is maintaining, evolving, or replacing their current brand

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What does it take to be one of the fastest-growing trade shows in North America?

Cost: None, due to the generosity of our sponsors; ]]>Signature Boston/MCCA]]>, ]]>experient]]> & ]]>Onstream Media]]>

When: Thursday 9/24/15 1-2 pm Eastern Time

Moderator: Dana Freker Doody, VP Corporate Communications for ]]>The Expo Group]]>

Guest Panelists: Mark Bogdansky, Vice President, Exhibit Operations at ]]>National Retail Federation]]>, Kristin Torres Executive Director of Meetings and Events for ]]>National Cattlemen's Beef Association]]> and Tasha Ventimiglia, Event Director for ]]>Labelexpo]]>.


Find out from the show organizers who have achieved this distinction as they speak frankly about their objectives, decisions, teams and challenges along the way. Hear ideas to rethink the aspects of your show suffering stagnation and discover new methods for driving attendance, exhibit sales and overall engagement.


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Beyond the Hype: Discussing Effective Use of Trade Show Technology

Cost: None - Courtesy of ]]>Signature Boston/MCCA]]>, ]]>MapYourShow]]> & ]]>Onstream Media]]>

When: Thursday, May 21, 2015 1:00-2:00 PM Eastern Time

Moderator: ]]>Traci Browne]]> spent the last 15 years in the trade show industry. Much of that time was spent teaching exhibitors how to get more from their trade show marketing dollars and teaching show producers how to structure their shows to make their attendees, sponsors and exhibitors happier. She is the author of “The Social Trade Show - Leveraging Social Media and Virtual Events to Connect With Your Customers” Traci now spends her time working with clients as a content marketer, captivating her clients’ customers through story telling.

Guest Panelists: Serena Baker, Director of Conferences & Events at ]]>Staffing Industry Analysts]]>, Rob Hiner, Creative Director at ]]>Performance Racing Industry]]> & Betsy Earle, Creative Director at ]]>Event Driven Solutions]]>.


The use of technology in trade shows and expos has become ubiquitous. Event apps, paperless meetings, and social media walls are just par for the course. Our discussion in this webinar will be on the most effective ways to use technology at our trade shows and expos. Our panelists will discuss how they are using technology to build community, to market to attendees and exhibitors, and to gain insights into their audience. We will also be taking a look at what benefits exhibitors are looking for when it comes to technology.

Join us as we push past shiny object syndrome and get into the nitty-gritty of how show organizers and exhibitors are using technology effectively.


  • An understanding of what exhibitors consider a good investment
  • Best practices for introducing new technology to your audience
  • Ways to build community around your event
  • Best practices for effective on-line advertising

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Securing Your Event's Digital Data

Cost: None - Courtesy of ]]>Onstream Media]]> and ]]>Signature Boston/MCCA]]>

When: Thursday, February 26, 2015, 1:00-2:00 PM Eastern Time

Moderator: Michelle Bruno, event-industry blogger, technology journalist, publisher of the Event Tech Brief e-newsletter and one of the judges of the EIBTM Technology Watch Competition.

Guest Panelists: Michael Robinson is a cyber threat analyst and forensic investigator for a large, international company, Michael was a senior digital forensic examiner, where he performed computer and cell phone exploitation and analysis for customers in the U.S. Intelligence Community.


Cyber-security is a topic affecting every business that utilizes the Internet, including meetings, conferences, and trade shows where business intelligence and private information is exchanged and communicated regularly over wired and wireless networks. While it only takes ONE major incident to compromise the integrity of an organization, most trade show planners are oblivious to the risks and remedies available to them. In this TSNN webinar, event-technology journalist Michelle Bruno speaks with cyber-security expert Michael Robinson about what to look for, how to prepare, and who is responsible for securing any event.

Webinar Attendees Will Learn:

  • How cyber-attacks work and the particular vulnerabilities of meetings
  • What event planners should be asking their technology partners
  • What trade show organizers should do before their next event

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