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We also offer the MOST trade show data to the industry with domestic trade show lists of 6,000 and global of 12,000, as well as the Top 250 US Trade Show list and Top 50 Canadian Trade Show list. TSNN also has more than 400 venues listed on its TSNN Venue Directory, as well as another 150+ on our newly launched TSNN Global Venue Directory. Please contact John Rice for info and pricing.

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The Industry This Week: Released every Tuesday, this weekly e-newsletter covers the latest news in the global trade show industry. Show launches, mergers and acquisitions, the health of the overall industry and thought-leader blogs are regular features in this acclaimed e-newsletter. Each week, more than 10,000 subscribers receive TITW and it is read by many of the C-level decision-makers in the industry. There are more eyes looking at TITW than any other trade show publications. (Click here for an example).

Breaking News: Distributed at least three times each month, Breaking News has all the hard-hitting, latest news that TSNN is known for being the first in the publication market to break. More than 12,000 subscribers read this hugely popular e-newsletter several times each month and it is often the talk of the industry. (Click here for an example).

Association Show News: Released two times a month (2nd & 4th Thursday’s). Association shows represent a significant piece of the trade show industry and this e-newsletter focuses not only on shows in that sector but also the industry associations for the trade show and meeting industry. More than 8,000 subscribers receive Association Show News, which is read by many of the C-level decision-makers in the industry. Association Show News serves a niche sector overlooked by other trade show publications. (Click here for an example).

MedShow Monthly: Released monthly (last Thursday of each month). One of the fastest-growing markets in the past few years, even during the economic downturn, is the medical and pharmaceutical show market. MedShow Monthly covers show launches, changes, moves, mergers, host cities, etc. More than 8,000 subscribers receive MedShow Monthly and it is read by many of the C-level decision-makers in the industry. MedShow Monthly serves a niche sector overlooked by many other trade show publications. (Click here for an example).

Asia Exhibition News: Released twice monthly (2nd & 4th Wednesday’s). Launched in April 2011 to resounding acclaim, the Asia Exhibition News e-newsletter reaches several thousand of the top decision-makers not only in the Asia-Pacific region but also show managers and suppliers worldwide who are interested in doing business in the region. This e-newsletter is produced in conjunction with Hong Kong-based Business Strategies Group. (Click here for an example).

ExpoFiles News: Released monthly (2nd Thursday of each month), this popular publication is geared to all event industry professionals. It releases to a diverse subscription base of Organizers, Exhibitors, Suppliers & Promotional Product Professionals. The e-newsletter is sent to 50,000 subscribers and educates Trade Show Pros with helpful Tips, Trends, Tactics & Best Practices with the intent of keeping up them up to speed on all aspects of our industry by offering valuable information they need to do their job with excellence. (Click here for an example).

Green News: Released bi-monthly, "Going Green" is a buzz phrase that seems to be everywhere these days, including the events industry. Released bimonthly, this special e-newsletter highlights the sustainable efforts made by trade shows and industry suppliers to help create a greener, less wasteful and more earth-friendly industry. (Click here for an example).

TSNN Venue News: Released monthly, this informative e-newsletter is geared toward show organizers and meeting planners who are looking for the perfect venue to host their event. It not only features news in the industry but also TSNN's Venue Directories with direct access to hundreds of venues. (Click here for an example).

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Las Vegas has the complete package when it comes to giving your attendees the best trade show experience possible. With 11 million square feet of meeting space and another 3 million-plus already in development, Las Vegas can handle trade shows of every size. From three of the 10 largest convention centers in the U.S., to hotel boardrooms for more intimate gatherings, Las Vegas has the perfect space for you to get down to business.