3 Eco-Friendly Sponsorship Ideas for Your Next Trade Show

August 10, 2013

Jason Tunick

Founder and CEO of FactoryDirectPromos.com which is one of the largest, factory direct suppliers of eco-friendly, promotional items and custom, reusable tradeshow bags in the world.

Planning for a trade show can be intense and overwhelming, even for seasoned exhibitors, so when you reach out to your exhibitors you want to quickly and easily explain to them why taking advantage of different eco-friendly sponsorships can help their business and the planet.

Here are Three Strategies for Selling Trade Show Sponsorships with an Environmental Edge

Branded Recycling Bins - Recycling bins should be located in a high-traffic area so people can easily dispose of their empty soda and water bottles and other recyclable materials right?

Emblazoning a recycling bin with a company’s logo will show those walking the trade showfloor in those high traffic areas that they are serious about recycling and responsible management of resources.

Each and every time an attendee tosses an item into the bin or just walks by one,  they will see the sponsoring company’s logo and booth number which increases interest and traffic to their booth.

Branded Trade Show Bags - Anytime you print your branding message on a reusable product you create a sense of familiarity with the people who routinely see this logo and message.

When your trade show exhibitors opt to print their branding info and booth number on a reusable bag, they reduce the need and demand for single-use plastic bags which are responsible for numerous environmental dangers and harm.

People attending a trade show pick up lots of goodies like brochures, samples and takeaway gifts. Handing out a reusable bag is just plain handy at a trade show because it gives the attendees a way to carry their takeaways, while they spread a company’s branding message for them.

Since attendees can continue to use reusable bags long after the trade show is over, they continue to promote a brand’s green initiatives long after the show floor is cleared. 

Carbon Offsets - Balance the carbon emissions from attendee travel, venue use and hotel accommodations with a carbon offset sponsorship.

By offering a carbon offset sponsorship, you counterbalance those instances in which there is no way around burning fossil fuels. Wind farms, biomass energy and hydroelectric are clean and sustainable power sources that are also common offsets.

Carbon offsets do not offer the visibility that other sponsorships do, so consider putting signage in a high visibility location, add the carbon offset sponsor’s name and booth to your show app, give credit in a newsletter, and offer other high visibility payback for this important sponsorship.

Eco-Friendly Trade Show Sponsorships a Win-Win for All

If you are organizing a trade show, make sure to reach out directly to each your exhibitors and let them know about all of the great sponsorships and marketing opportunities at their disposal.

Branded recycling bins, reusable bags, and purchasing carbon offsets are all great ways for your exhibitors to promote their brand while at the same time, doing right by the environment and your bottom line.

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