3 Things That Make for a Good Gamification Platform

March 26, 2016

Sean Fields

Sean Fields is the Director of Business Development for SCANVenger Hunt Llc, a corporate event supplier of gamification solutions that increase attendee networking and exhibitor engagement.

The focus for a good game platform should be to provide a great experience for all of the stakeholders. I have found that when the following 3 objectives are met, it often produces outstanding results:

1.     Create True Engagement
Exhibitors should receive their desired interaction with potential leads through mechanics that prompt conversation. The employed method should produce dwell-times that last no less than 30 seconds (elevator pitch).The exhibitor should find ways to create face-time to allow the opportunity to talk about their product or service. Exhibitors should also have an option to access the contact information of all those who visited their booth.

2.     Incentivize Participation
Provide incentives that peak your attendee’s attention to get involved or learn more. Keep in mind incentives can prompt players to get in the game, but without good game mechanics and rewards, they will not stay motivated to play. Showing players on a leaderboard in a high traffic area serves as a great indirect approach to increase participation and also can prevent activity fall-off.

3.     Aggregate Usable Data
Gathering data for the planner to analyze is often expected from a good gamification platform. The level of activity, performance and participation are valuable to many companies and organizations that use this data to plan for future events. Make sure the gamification platform you choose not only generates interaction but also provides the planner with applicable analytics.

So in a nutshell, if you are planning to use gamification for a future event, craft a strategy that not only satisfies your stakeholder’s desires but also meets your data objectives. Consider platforms with the flexibility to choose options that best enhance your agenda without compromising the climate and culture of your event.

Keep in mind that adding a lift in energy amongst your attendees is cool but not at the expense of your conference brand. And finally, don’t forget that games bring out the competitive nature in people so try to manage the excitement without killing the fun!

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