4 Surefire Ways to Guarantee a Successful Event

August 23, 2015

Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill is a professional blogger and creative content writer. She works as a Marketing Manager at Group Se7en Events , which is leading event planners in London, delivering global meeting and venue finding service.

Consistently putting together successful events is something that even the best event management companies sometimes struggle with – after all, there are so many variables in each event that can decide its ultimate success or failure that even years of experience can’t guarantee that everything will go smoothly.

But while the events industry might seem rather unpredictable, it does not mean that it can’t be boiled down to a science. In fact, there are certain characteristics of a successful events agency that are always present in the organization process of the best events.

So for those who want a little bit more clarity in their event production efforts, here are four ways that can all but guarantee that your next event will be a huge success:

Start Preparing Early

The number one thing you should always do as a professional event planner is start preparing for your event as early as possible. With so many different variables impacting the ultimate success of your efforts, you need have time to think of every little detail that might be the deciding factor in your event.

So start putting together a detailed plan and to-do-list for your event as soon as you get the “go” from the client – that way, after a few weeks, you’ll have a rough outline of a well thought-through event  that you can build upon as the event date comes closer. 

Delegate Tasks

Another key skill every good events agency must master is being able to efficiently delegate tasks.

No events planner has the time and mental capacity to micromanage every little task in the event preparation process, therefore skilled and competent assistants and specialists must be employed to take different parts of the planning process of your hands, so that you can focus on the big picture, and occasionally tackling very important tasks that you feel you must do by yourself.

Define Your Event

No event will be a success if it does not have clearly defined goal of what your event aims to accomplish. Only when you know what your event will revolve around, you can start narrowing down your marketing efforts to the ideal target customer.

This will be of tremendous help in making your marketing more efficient and will also help you attain a much better reach of your target audience through selective and well-crafted campaigns.

Anticipate and be Prepared

Sometimes, even if all of your preparation efforts were executed to perfection, there will be certain aspects of the event that will be out of your control. In other words, things will go wrong, and when they do, you better be prepared for it.

The good news is, that no matter how bad things might get, you can still salvage almost any situation if you put together a contingency plan for the main parts of your event. Having emergency backups for your suppliers, preparing for bad weather, or even making sure you have the right insurance in case of damages all fall in the category of risk management, which is something all event management companies know can be the difference between a fruitful and failed event.


You can never be sure if a particular event will be a success – with so many variables playing a role, it’s almost impossible to account for all the possible scenarios. But you can still use some of the best practices leading event planners utilize to maximize their success rate – early preparations, delegating tasks, clearly defining the purpose of the event and having a contingency plan can almost ensure that any event will be a success.

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