6 Tips for an Unforgettable (and Affordable) Trade Show Display

May 25, 2017

Kristin Hovde

Kristin Hovde is the Website Manager and Blogger for Smash Hit Displays, an online trade show display company that has many booths, accessories, and flooring available.

Each time you sell your products at a trade show display, you put in a lot of effort, time and money. It is, therefore, paramount to find all ways of maximizing that investment.

Your primary objective should be on how to create an attention that will remain even after the show, no matter how small your budget might be.

Custom trade show displays do not have to be very expensive, but they have to be creative, smart and memorable. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure that you have an affordable and fruitful custom trade show display.

Use Simple Lighting System

Illumination is usually imperative to effective trade show marketing. Use affordable lighting systems to lighten your exhibit up and invite people. You can also call particular attention to certain products or illuminate certain demonstrations. This will not cost you much and it works best if you can't brighten up the whole booth.

Be Organized

Your beautiful exhibition design can be easily detracted by a messy heap of paper and promotional materials. Use standard literature racks to present brochures and other items in a professional and neat manner.

Look for a Stand

Get yourself affordable but flexible banner stands for your custom trade show display. These stands will allow you to swap out graphics from one show to another, especially if you have a command for various audiences.

Employ Affordable but Top-Notch Graphics

To outdo other competitors in the market, use any of the advances that have been made in the photography world. Get the services of design professionals to develop and print all your design graphics. This is not the right time for shortcuts; you need a quality material that will attract clients to your booth.

Ensure You Add Interactions

Your custom trade show display should assist guests in experiencing the products and services. Within the design of exhibit you are using, make it easy for your customers to hear, see and even have physical contact with your products. This is another affordable way of drawing many people to your booth.

Use Affordable Displays Instead of Costly Signage

This is another way of reaching higher without spending much. Take your exhibition design to another degree by hanging displays and allowing the participants to see your branding from across the floor.

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