Enhance the Attendee Experience With Meeting Booking Technology

January 23, 2020

Matej Zalar

Matej Zalar is co-founder, president and CEO of digital signage company Visionect and creator of virtual meeting room assistant, Joan

Business conferences and live events are a booming sector, with demand growing and growth showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, consulting firm AMR International predicts that the U.S. exhibition market will grow 3.5 percent through 2022. 

With growth comes competition among event organizers to bring attendees the best, most seamless digital experience. As event organizers aim to provide the most cutting-edge customer experience, many are turning to technology to enhance even the most mundane tasks. According to a survey by Bizzabo, 86 percent of event marketers believe that technology plays a role in the success of an event.

Integrating simple technology updates to a B2B exhibition can make even the most mundane event exciting. Organizers are turning to technologies including mobile apps, RFID, livestreaming and real-time data-gathering to enhance every aspect of their events, from the check-in process to the wrap-up survey. 

Meeting booking software is another way technology is optimizing the event experience. By using meeting booking devices and software platforms to simplify room organization, reservation processes and venue navigation, event organizers are recognizing that digital meeting room technology can optimize any conference experience.  

Of the three main uses for meeting booking technology, venue navigation is of utmost importance and something that planners cannot afford to skimp on – if attendees do not know how to get to their next meeting, or a presenter goes to the wrong room, chaos could ensue. The digital display used in meeting booking technology eliminates confusion by communicating session or meeting details at room or venue entrances and automatically updating. Frame-like digital signage positioned outside a meeting or session venue provides information on the session topic, speaker and duration as well as detailed overviews of all the meetings scheduled in the room. 

Meeting booking technologies can also enhance attendee engagement through automated communications. They can send attendees a welcome email, session reminders with key information, directions to the conference hall or meeting room, and contact information for questions or assistance.

Mobile apps have also enhanced the conference attendee experience and can integrate meeting booking technology. Recognizing that mobile phones are the go-to device for all information, event organizers are integrating mobile apps into all aspects of the attendee experience. If a meeting booking system also has a compatible app, organizers can automatically assign rooms, send out invites and manage meeting scheduling from any mobile device. 

Mobile meeting apps can also provide notification features that let participants know exactly when, where and for how long a meeting or conference session will take place, helping attendees get where they need to go in the most efficient manner possible. 

As the conference, trade show and events industry continues to grow, organizers are using technology to provide enhanced digital experiences. Organizers are integrating a wide range of technologies, including meeting room booking solutions, to deliver on these expectations, improve the attendee experience and successfully manage their events.


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