Exhibitions Mean Business: Here’s Why!

November 12, 2015

Exhibitions are ubiquitous, yet are not seen as economic engines driving our GDP. It’s time for that to change.

Exhibitions and events represent an incredibly diverse and prolific industry. After all, the face-to-face interaction, the knowledge sharing and the business opportunities that exhibitions make possible transcend individual business sectors and geographies. Exhibitions serve every business sector and every market, worldwide.

There is little confusion around what one does at a trade show. People recognize that, for example, it’s a place where buyers and sellers can interact and do business. Or, that it’s a forum for people from different industries to network and share ideas.

However, there is limited understanding around WHY exhibitions are such a prime channel to do business, gain insights on important topics, or simply network with other professionals. Beyond this limitation, there’s very little understanding around why this industry presents such a viable career path for people.

It sounds silly, really. Companies of all sizes have attended exhibitions and events for years; this method of seeking out business interaction has existed for centuries. Of course people get why exhibitions work so well. Of course they see what makes this industry different and a ripe career market…don’t they?

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that most people do not see the value of exhibitions. Exhibitions and other face-to-face events are too often seen as a box to check in the grand scheme of business marketing. They are not seen for the personality, vibrancy and potential they possess.

The Exhibitions Mean Business campaign is looking to change this lack of understanding. This week, the campaign will launch an initiative called Here’s Why. Through quotes and anecdotes, video commentary and written stories, we will showcase exactly WHY this industry is different, WHY it is a great industry to work in, and WHY nothing matches its value to business.

Here’s Why will kick-off on the campaign’s Twitter channel, @ExhibitsMeanBiz, this week with featured quotes and anecdotes from industry members and media that showcase “here’s why” The exhibitions and events industry is important.

We encourage you to share your own Here’s Why posts by simply tagging them with the hashtag #HeresWhy. We will also have Exhibitions Mean Business campaign team members at Expo! Expo! in Baltimore on the showfloor capturing Here’s Why commentary from attendees – we’ll be looking for photo ops, so if you’re at Expo! Expo! be prepared to say ‘cheese!’. As the initiative progresses through 2016, we’ll also share your contributions via other social media channels, blog posts and online channels, and welcome your submissions to the cause via email, directly on social media or live at events.

The members of this industry are part of what make it different and successful, so we want to ensure you have a prominent place in this initiative. We want to communicate the value of this industry using your words, your experiences and your perspective, so that together we can increase the understanding of the power and vibrancy our industry brings to the global marketplace.

How can you participate?

·         Share your company’s experience with trade shows and exhibitions socially and tag #HeresWhy

·         Attend Expo! Expo! and stop by our booth to learn more

·         Join us as a guest blogger to share why you value this industry. Click here to contribute an idea.

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