The Holy Grail – a Year-round Mobile App!

March 22, 2015

Jay Tokosch

Jay Tokosch is the CEO of Core-Apps, a technology provider and mobile software company for the trade show and events industry.

O.K, O.K., having a year-round mobile app may not be the holy grail to some – but to us app makers it is music to our ears!  Why?  Because, it gets our app out there and then it is being used all year long.  It’s like writing a song and hearing it on the radio! But no, this blog is not all about us, it's about you and why it is important to think of your mobile app being used year round.

First, you work so hard building an audience for your mobile app.  Typically, the event drives the app’s initial download.  

You plan the content for the event, keep it updated, and schedule promotions for the app all the way up to the event. So why stop there? By planning your content to be updated year round you keep your audience engaged.

And this is a great way to communicate with that audience you built. Start by making a content playbook with a year-long calendar – one that does not stop at the event. Pre-event content can be about speakers, who’s attending, goals for this year, what to look forward to at this year’s event. 

Maybe even have a few focuses on certain exhibitors (sponsorship alert!) leading up to the event. Then, after the event is over, add some content about highlights from the event.  Use a survey to gage audience feedback. Talk about leadership’s goals for the upcoming year.  And before you know it – it is time to begin talking about the upcoming event again. 

People always carry their phones with them, so don’t waste an opportunity to use your mobile app as a vehicle to communicate with the audience you built. Make sure you choose a mobile app that is not going to stop working after the event is over. It only takes a little common sense to know that if the front screen of the app is all about content that is happening at the event with pictures, etc. then the app is done when the event is done. 

We find that less than 15 percent of the audience that downloaded the event app deletes it from their phone after the event is over.  Also, keep promoting the app year round.  Don’t take it off you website and emails. 

As a matter of fact, add little notes like “Check out the article on Leaderships goals for next year’s event on our mobile app” and then have the link right there for the app.

If your organization’s goal is to grow your brand, build your audience, and make the audience aware of your initiatives, then there is no better way than mobile.  So, plan just a little more then what you did for the event’s initial content and follow some of these ideas above and you will have the holy grail of a year-long mobile app and add another vehicle to help meet your goals.

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