Make a Resolution to Improve Your Trade Show Experience

December 21, 2015

Lisa Apolinski

Lisa Apolinski is a professional speaker, blogger, and digital strategist. With her company,, she works with event managers to get their message to attendees, particularly through digital channels, on and off the show floor.

The time of year is upon us to make New Year’s resolutions. I have a few that will impact your 2016 trade show season, and they are very easy to put into practice.

Resolution One:  Know your booth number, and share it with others. In all your pre-show communications, share your booth number, and share it often.  Every communication should list your booth number. If your attendees have to try and find it, there is a possibility they simply won’t.

Resolution Two: While you are at it, make sure your name is obvious. Your company name should not take a backseat to your tag line, imagery, or anything else in your booth.  Put your company name front and center in your trade show booth so attendees do not have to guess who you are. 

Resolution Three: Making demonstrations or booth draw-ins accessible. This may surprise you, but sometimes the booth layout puts your booth draw-ins, such as demonstrations, out of reach of your attendees.  The booth design needs to bring attendees in, so have engagement at different points, including towards the aisle, so you can help with the attendee flow into your booth space.

Resolution Four:  Have someone staffing your booth when the show floor is open.  I am amazed at how many times I see a booth at a show that is unmanned.  If you have taken the time and budget to have a booth, why would you then put out some brochures and hope for the best?  The show is about face-to-face engagement, so have a face there.  If you cannot staff your booth, you would be best served to skip that show.

Make 2016 your year and improve your trade show experience.

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