Questions I Wish People Would Ask

May 1, 2016

Meghan Hambrick

Meghan Hambrick, Sales Manager at Core-apps, has been in the business of connecting people for almost 10 years and her vast experience has helped her to understand her clients and the bigger picture.  

Fact:  There are dozens of mobile event app companies. However, having more options doesn’t make your job any easier.

Fact:  Most apps have the basic features that you want. From Alerts, Schedules, Exhibitor Listings, and Social Engagement … name it and most apps have it.

Fact:  Not all mobile app providers are created equal.

I recently attended AENC’s Technology Conference and one of the sessions really resonated with me.  It was called Questions I Wish People Would Ask.  Being in a sales position, I love it when prospective clients ask questions but I appreciate it even more when they bring up the good ones. These are the type of questions that go deeper than features and price. 

Today, I wanted to share with you some questions. I encourage you to ask these questions to every potential vendor that you’re considering to work with: 

1.      The Question: What is your mission? 

The Reason:  Know the vendor’s mission to check if it complements with yours. You want to make sure that both parties are culturally aligned and share the same goals.

2.      The Question: How dependable are you? Explain your stability.

The Reason:  App companies are popping up left and right but will they be there for you in five months?  How about at 10pm on a Sunday night? You need to check how reliable the vendor is.

3.      The Question:  What do you do best?

The Reason:  Ask about their customer service model, integration capabilities, customizations, and flexibility.  These things matter and should be considered over price.

4.      The Question:  Is everything done in-house?

The Reason:  Many vendors outsource aspects of their business like Customer Service and even development work.  This question will inform you on who will be the key contact persons you’ll be working with if issues arise and how quickly will the vendor address concerns.

These are just a few suggestions but these are great examples of how you can see more beyond the surface. Remember, asking the right questions will lead you to a deeper understanding and consequently better decisions.  

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