Seven Apps to Make You a Webinar Rock Star

December 6, 2015

Sabrina George

Sabrina George is vice president of marketing at Onstream Media & Infinite Conferencing, divisions of Onstream Media Corp., a leading provider of webinar, web conferencing and streaming media solutions. 

If you oversee your company’s webinars—from promoting and execution to follow-up—have you ever wondered how you could do your job faster, generate more buzz and do it all more efficiently without spending a fortune? Thousands of business applications are now available to help you with these tasks. In a short, they can transform you into a webinar rock star. 

Here are few of my favorites:

·         Use this free service to promote your next webinar: Webinars are powerful customer acquisition tools only when people show up for them. Webinara offers to promote your webinar to people interested in your niche business segment, all for free. They’ll even give you a landing page for your webinar, and then promote your webinar on Twitter and in email notifications sent to Webinara members who’ve signed up for webinars in your category.

·         Show off your creativity: Create a teaser video or stunning animated presentation with these tools: PowToon or Focusky PowToon makes free business presentation animations and can be used by everyone from small businesses to marketing executives and educators and trainers. Focusky makes similarly beautiful templates for you to plug in your data and graphics, customize it down to the music, and then sit back and enjoy. Use these presentations to lure them to the event via a promotional email, or show them off during your webinar to entertain and express your message in an engaging way.

·         Visualize your webinar poll and survey results using Infogram  You’ve finished your webinar, asked a dozen pre- and post-webinar questions, and the data is pouring in. Don’t procrastinate and let it go to waste!  Analyze it now with this easy app that turns a pile of data into meaningful webinar follow-up content.  The premise is simple: Pick a template, visualize your data, and then publish and share. Trying it out using the basic version is free, with gradual fees depending on varying levels of service.

·         Now that your webinars are taking off and you are gaining more followers, why not rank them with  SocialRank allows you to rank your social media followers in categories such as most valuable (high profile), frequency of engagement, most followed, etc. If you have a strong social media following or want to have one, this is a must-have.

·         Track how many people shared your registration link with this free tool: SharedCount Knowing where your traffic is coming from is key to understanding your clients and doing a better job servicing them. Just plug in a URL and SharedCount will pull up shares and likes across major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 and LinkedIn.

·         Ever wanted to know the best time to tweet your next webinar event, then use Tweriod Catching potential clients at the optimal time is key to getting the most for social media dollars. Tweriod is a free Twitter tool that tells you the best time to tweet, by analyzing your company tweets and up to 1,000 of your followers’ tweets. Get Tweeting.

So, next time you’re wondering how to boost your webinar response rate, try a few of these apps. They might not turn you into a celebrity, but they’re fun and just could help you impress your clients. Who doesn’t like that?

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