Tech Gadgets As Trade Show Swag

January 14, 2020

When it comes to marketing at trade shows, many brands turn to promotional products that are useful and appealing to the public and that can also help build up awareness and drum up business. And while there are clothing items, toys, water bottles, pens and numerous other products to consider, tech gadgets are something that exhibitors should definitely be using as swag.


First off, this is a tech-driven world, full of devices: About 85% of adults own cell phones. Over 60% of those who fall into the category of Gen X or Baby Boomers own desktop computers, while most younger generations own laptops. And about half of adults out there own an mp3 player. 

These gadgets may be used to communicate, learn new information and pass the time, but it goes beyond that, as 90% of millennials rely on their phones for safety and since many parents/guardians utilize technology to ease the anxiety felt when it comes to raising children, keeping them occupied, knowing where they are and keeping them safe.  

Yes, today, brands can also turn to more advanced promo items that can help people feel secure, in control and well, overall. So when it comes to selecting swag, keep the following points in mind…

General gadgets such as power banks and earbuds will always please a crowd. These can be used by one and all, whether someone is charging their phone and listening to music on the way to work, taking a call with a client during a lunch break or catching up on TV throughout the weekend.

Fun gifts that can be added to cell phones are good ideas, as well, since PopSockets, selfie lights and phone wallets can personalize these devices, all while repping a company’s name/logo. There are also bigger products, such as drones and VR headsets, that can be raffled off on social media or at a trade show booths; these big-ticket items are a good way to draw in even more fans and followers.

The technological advancements that focus on privacy, safety and wellness, though, are going to be the best bet. A company can hand out key finders with their logo on them. It can give away fitness trackers, in order to promote a health-related holiday or event. Or it could consider smart home devices, like plugs, bulbs, cameras and speakers, as a way to intrigue an audience and see more success. 

Swag has always been a wise way to advertise, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Everyone loves freebies, and when a brand can give out a tech device—especially one that can help people feel secure, track their steps/calories, find their keys and/or control their homes while they are away—that is going to speak volumes. 

So if you have an industry event, a launch party or a holiday coming up, keep gadgets like the ones on this list in mind. Use them to interest potential customers in your product(s)/service(s). And know that these promo items are doing the public some good, all while promoting your business, too. 


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